Welcome To Cincinnati

The Home of the 66th National Square Dance Convention®

Steve & Bev Stoehr - General Chairpersons 66th National Square Dance ConventionWow, things are really picking up now! All kinds of things are getting their final preparations and details set in stone. From the food to the floor, to the caller & cuers, and to all the education and meeting halls, all are falling in place for the big event. We have a few new things to talk about, some reminders, and things you should be thinking of as the time gets closer.

First, the things that will help us to help you. So far, about half of the early registrations (the short forms) have been converted to long forms so get the word out to all the people that preregistered on the short form. If you have not filled out a long form yet be sure you do. Long Form (PDF) This is where we get your name for your convention badge, program book w/ Dailies, syllabus for Rounds and Contra, Sew & Save book, the latest nationals cookbook, tickets to the Wednesday night dinner and show with the American Kings (PDF), camping & camping bus pass, tours, and of course your hotel for the convention. We still have plenty of room for you, but now is the time to get your registration in, and to be sure you get the things you want most.  Please take a little extra time filling out the form to be sure we can read all the information. Most of this information will end up in a data base and your conformations all use your email. If you do not have one, list “no e-mail” so we can send you a hard copy. If you know that your email has changed, drop us an email and let up know so you do not miss anything we send out.

We still have plenty of hotel rooms, and they are so close to the convention center that no bus pass is needed. If you have a handicap please let our housing people know so they can help. The hotels do not have large numbers of these rooms and not all handicapped rooms are equal so let us help early.

Check our website for parking locations. They are easy access right off the highway and next to our hotels and The Duke Energy Center. We have been working on special rates so check the site before you come for the best deals.

If you have not booked your tours yet, then get with it now. It will allow you to get in before they fill up or keep us from closing one out that you might want to take. They all have minimums and your seat just might be the one that counts. Our professional tour company has all the details covered.  No guessing or down time in travel, and all the content is great. They are providing professional coach buses and drivers along with professional tour guides. If you have taken a not so great tour in the past and thought you did not want to pay for that again, just give us a try and you will be delighted with our tours and cost. You will get what you pay for with us! The newest tour is The Ark Encounter (PDF). See more on tours in the magazine or at Tours Tab on our website.

Every convention has its sweet spot and I think you will agree that ours is our compact location. By compact I do not mean small, I mean close and convenient. The convention center and hotels are all within two blocks. Over 1000 rooms are across the street. You will not need to purchase a bus pass unless you are a camper.  All the dancing is in one building. There are many food options both on site and within walking distance from the convention center. Most parking options are across the street from the convention center or hotels. You will literally be able to park your car and not need it till you leave.

Hopefully, we have peaked your interest and have given you a taste of what is in store for the people who attend our convention in June of 2017. The Cincinnati area and the 66th NSDC will have the Activities, Facilities, and the Location for great national convention. We will be looking for all of you and your friends in Cincinnati!

Steve & Beverly Stoehr
General Chairman
66th National Square Dance Convention®