Thank You

Chairman's Fairwell

Steve & Bev Stoehr - General Chairpersons 66th National Square Dance ConventionIt is time to file the final report on the 66th National Square Dance Convention, and file away the memories & souvenirs, and post all the pictures that remind us of our great time in Cincinnati.

I would like to say a quick thank you to the late Bob Calkins & his wife Judy Calkins for giving Cincinnati the foundation to build this great event. Without their vision and determination Beverly and I would not have had this opportunity.

Beverly and I are happy that so many people came to Cincinnati last week. It was great to see so many smiling faces and friends we have made along the way while promoting the 66th NSDC. sometimes seemed that we had been everywhere. There were places we could not attend so others went in our place. If we did not make it to your event to spread the word please know we would have if we could. We met great people and saw events that enlightened us. We found new ideas that we could use and share across our dance community. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We were always welcomed and given a minute or two to share our message about our 66th NSDC and were always given a table to sell wares and promote the event.

Thank you to all the dance leaders that paid to come and work their magic with the dancers. I truly believe that we all benefit from that interaction between leader and dancer. Each draws energy greater than themselves when we dance. Thanks you to all the organizations that support the National Convention system. This does not happen in a vacuum. There is a back bone and network of many that all work together to make it possible. Make a choice to be part of a greater event and not an ankle biter. If you see something that needs fixed, step up and help to fix it. Ideas and innovation are not the hardest things to see. They are often just one person with a mission to make that idea or innovation a reality. Someone to own the idea and make it a part of a greater event is what we need to move the next level.

Among the most amazing things we found out was that we had some of the best volunteers in the country. Our assistant General Chairman Lee & Jane Penrose were added to our board for only the cost of a Dairy Queen ice cream cone. All of our chairman volunteered without the thumb screw treatment and got right to work. Several had more than one position they could have held but took on the position we felt was best suited to them. Good people attract good people and our ranks were filled. We were so fortunate to fill our board with capable people and in turn they built great committees.

In the end I believe that they created a special event for all dancers and lived up to our tag line “Cincinnati - A Great American Experience”. Square Dance is a truly American Dance that has made its way across the world. Thanks to all of you that enjoyed our city, danced in our dance halls, stayed in out hotels and attended a national for the first time. I hope you catch the fever and come again. By showing up in Cincinnati you have helped me thank all the volunteers with your attendance and well wishes. For many this will be an accomplishment of a life time. I know we are humbled by the achievement we have accomplished and all the support we received for our dance community.

Steve & Beverly Stoehr
General Chairman
66th National Square Dance Convention®