Welcome To Cincinnati

Welcome to Cincinnati the Home of the 66th®

Steve & Bev Stoehr - General Chairpersons 66th National Square Dance ConventionMerry Christmas to all our friends and dance family!! Just wondering, how many people are getting a trip to Cincinnati for Christmas this year. I know our family is. It has become one of the highlights of the year for us. We actually plan a couple of years out so we can make the most of our time away. We get a week away from our normal work pace life and get to visit a new city, explore new venues, and see our friends from around the world. We plan to stop along the way at places we have either never seen or revisit a place we have enjoyed before. The National Conventions give us so much to do. Much of this is included in the cost of Registration, and then we add things as we go. It can be a thrill to get to stay in an historic hotel like the Hilton Netherlands Plaza in downtown Cincinnati OH and imagine what the world must have been like when it was the new Art Deco place on the block. Maybe your thing is a more modern and sleek look to your accommodations so the Hyatt may be more appealing to you as a place to stay. These are all just some little details that have added to our experiences over the last 10 years of National Conventions. Since we enjoy the adventure of travel, we can always find a new place to explore at a National Convention site!

We have been dancing since 2004 and have experienced several levels and types of dance. The National Conventions give us access to many levels of dance that we do not always get to see or do. Introduction workshops are offered for many dance types and levels and are a great way to explore something new. If you are the single-minded dance type of person, then you will be able to dance till you drop with your type of dancing on the schedule. It is loaded with lots of dancing!

The first several years we went to conventions we were unaware of the educational programs and seminars available at the convention. The cost is included in your registration so check out the 66th NSDC website for some free educational opportunities. Learn something to help your club while you rest your feet.

Convention tours are a surprising feature of the convention that we missed at first. Since we found out about the opportunity to tour with a group, we have done several fun and interesting tours through the convention. Be aware that the best tours book up early. That can be before you get to the convention. Most tours have a minimum number of people required to make the trip. The tour operators may cancel the tour a week before the convention if they have not reached the minimum number by that time. There may still be tours at the convention when you arrive, but you always want to book as early as you can to get what you want at the time you want!

If you have not experienced a National Convention yet, please give yourself the gift this year and make the 66th National Square & Round Dance Convention in Cincinnati your first of many. For those that are already coming, we will see you in June of 2017 for your “Cincinnati, A Great American Experience”.

Steve & Beverly Stoehr
General Chairman
66th National Square Dance Convention®