Welcome To Cincinnati

Welcome to Cincinnati the Home of the 66th®

Steve & Bev Stoehr - General Chairpersons 66th National Square Dance ConventionWow, what a difference in the amount of registrations that are showing up now versus last year. Looks like things are really picking up now! Thanks’ to all the folks that have finally decided to pick up that pen and fill out that registration form. Encourage your neighbors to do the same. Also, thanks to all the people in Florida last week that signed up. Beverly and I were able to visit Titusville, Florida for the Space Coast Winter Fiesta with Tony Oxendine, Jack Pladdys, and Glenn & Rosalee Kelly, and then moved on down to visit with Homer & Sue Magnet and the Long Key Square Dance club. Both places welcomed us and rewarded our efforts with new registrations. What a great honor to meet such a great group of dancers.

My phone and email have been humming the last few weeks with all kinds of questions and decisions that need final approval. As General Chairman, I am very lucky to have such a great group of people to work with on this convention team. This goes for the NEC Advisors that help guide us through the maze of thinking we have to do, but also to the many people in our 66th NSDC ranks that do the real work. Many of these people work a day job and work for us at night. Some are retired, but put in long days as well to be sure all the details are done. They are often helping me to meet the dead lines by making a call or sending an email to remind me of our deadlines.

We seem to be getting a large number of youth signing up for the convention, and it seems that we are also getting donations for youth registrations. Several federations and clubs have been raising money for youth registrations. This is a great way to contribute to the future of our activity. Even if you may not be dancing anymore, you may want to support the youth and the national convention. Remember the 66th NSDC a 501-C3 charitable organization, and so would qualify as a tax deduction should you choose to donate. If you are registered but cannot make the convention, just let us know you want to donate your fees. Then, we will send you a tax form for your donation.

I may have said this before, but your presence at the national convention does make a difference all around the world. Many of the best new ideas come from things you learned, danced, saw, experienced, people you meet, etc. at a national convention. This is the place where the shaker and movers go to get the best dancing, attend the best education and seminars to ideas to take home to their clubs, and the best places to see and be seen. The callers and cuers are the best in the world and you deserve a chance to be part of it all. Let’s celebrate the event at any level and get excited about it. It is the best event this year!!


Steve & Beverly Stoehr
General Chairman
66th National Square Dance Convention®